Think about a recent sales call you had. They were likely using some kind of sales coaching software.

And they’ve likely recorded you without your explicit knowledge using that sales coaching software.

How does that make you feel?

Maybe you’re not bothered by the idea of being recorded without your…

Business networking is alive and well right now in February 2021, in fact it might be the best time ever to network, and networking should never stop. It doesn’t matter how employed you are, how high up you are or how old you are; you should always be networking. …

Video originally posted on The Product Angle, aired on May 19, 2020

The Product angle is hosted by Pradip Khakhar (Product Manager and Founder of The Product Angle). Pradip works with individuals and product teams to develop soft skills such as influencing without authority, trust, and how to negotiate with cross-functional teams.


02:05 — Who is Leo and what he does.
10:30 — How can Gym’s market effectively in today’s environment.
13:30 — How marketers build trust.
16.30 — Marketing tips for founders and marketing professionals starting out in their careers.
22:00 — Advice Leo would give to marketers starting out.

Full Video:

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Most of us can agree that deception is harmful and destructive to relationships and professional aspirations; But what about “white lies? Are white lies really less damaging to our professional relationships?

“White lies,” small lies you tell others to protect their feelings, to avoid trouble…

There isn’t enough healthy debate in business. Prove It Matters is a show that changes that.Guests pick a topic, get two minutes to debate and prove their points matters.All while Leo Morejon pokes, prods, and generally try to mess them up.

Originally published at Build & Inspire — Blog & Podcast.

Is it a Good Idea to Date Another Social Media Professional?

We live in a world of dating apps, ghosting, and now, thanks to coronavirus, social distancing and something called “Zumping” which apparently happens when breaking up happens over Zoom. As if things weren’t hard enough, now I have to worry about getting dumped over Zoom? …

Being a social media public speaker is one of my dreams come true. I am lucky to be flown around to speak on all sorts of marketing and technology topics. Really. Each and every time I get asked to speak, I feel honored and excited. …

Needless to say, the Fyre Festival was a huge disaster. On the worst side of things, it cost innocent people significant sums of money and put them in dangerous situations. From a business perspective, this event brought a lot of attention to influencer marketing — even my mom now knows…

The concept of treating data like a team member was developed to humanize data and our relationship with it. The methodology takes proven methods of existing within a team and leading teams and applies it to working with data.

The Build & Inspire Podcast is an interview-style podcast where I connect with people from all walks of life, doing what they love, in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

I feel the podcast has been in the making since I was born.I’m a talker first and foremost…

Leo Morejon

Social Media Pioneer (Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet, 1st Social World Record), SaaS MarTech Leadership, University Instructor

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